Heidi Germaine Schnappauf





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height: 5'6½” weight: 128 lbs     waist: 28 dress: 4/6   shoe: 8    bra: 34B     


Blindspot            Stunt Dbl:: Jaimie Alexander     Stephen Pope

Blindspot            Co-Star: “Kate/Redhead”

                            Ep. 109:     Dir: David McWhirter    

                           Ep. 110:    Dir: Marcos Fight Choreo: Airon Armstrong Coord: Stephen Pope

Limitless            Stunt Dbl: Gerogina Haig        Jared Burke

Elementary            Co-Star: “Ellen Jacobs” Dir: Christine Moore    Coord: Mike Russo

A.K.A. Jessica Jones    Stunt Dbl: Krysten Ritter (second)    Chris Place

Person of Interest    Stunt Actor/Waitress Wench        Tony Vincent

Happyish            Stunt Dbl: Katheryn Hahn        Chad Hessler

Person of Interest    Stunt Dbl: Amy Acker            Tony Vincent

Forever            Stunt Dbl: Several            Jery Hewitt

Neon Joe Warewolf Hunter     Stunt Dbl: Jen Regan            Manny Siverio

Person of Interest    Stunt Dbl: Bella Dayne             Tony Vincent

The Mysteries of Laura     Stunt Dbl(series): Janina Gavankar    Peter Bucossi

Blue Bloods            Stunt Dbl:     several            Roy Farfel

The Following        Stunt Dbl: Jessica Stroup (series)        Tim Gallin

Taxi: Brooklyn         Stunt Dbl(series): Chyler Leigh    Manny Siverio

Odyssey            Stunt Dbl                    Ian McGlaughlin

Happyish            Stunt Actor                    Chad Hessler

Boardwalk Empire        Stunt Performer                Chris Place

The Leftovers(Multi ep)    Stunt Performer/Actor            Justin Riemer (Dir. Peter Berg)

Flesh and Bone        Stunt Performer                Ian McGlaughlin for Pete Bucossi

The Mysteries of Laura  Stunt Dbl: Debra Messing (cover)    Peter Bucossi

The Blacklist        Stunt Dbl: Mary Louise Parker (cover)    Cort Hessler

Friends of the People    Stunt Dbl: Jennifer Bartles    Chris Place

Forever            Stunt Performer                 Jery Hewitt

Power                Stunt Performer                Peter Bucossi

The Following        Stunt Dbl: Fire Burn            Tim Gallin

Orange is the New Black    Stunt Dbl: Lori Petty            Jennifer Lamb Hewitt

Elementary            Stunt Performer                Mike Russo

Taxi: Brooklyn         Stunt Dbl(episode): Mara Davi        Manny Siverio

Broad City            Stunt Dbl: Abbi Jacobson (multi ep)    Chris Place

The Knick            Stunt Performer                Manny Siverio

The Blacklist        Stunt Performer (multi ep)        Cort Hessler

Elementary            Stunt Dbl: Kersti Bryan            Mike Russo

The Following        Stunt Dbl: Katie Hayek            Tim Gallin                                                                                          

Castle            Stunt Actor                    Dennis Madalone (Dir. John Terlesky)

Revenge            Stunt Dbl: Margarita Levieva        Con Schell for Michael Gaines

America’s Most Wanted    Stunt Dbl: Tina Shelley            Walter Scott for Ben Scott

Castle            Stunt Performer (multi. episodes)    Dennis Madalone     

The Cape            Stunt Performer                 Chris O’Hara

CSI: NY            Stunt Performer (multi. episodes)    Norman Howell


Life at These Speeds    Stunt Actor                    Dennis Madalone, Dir.                                             Leif Tilden

TM Ninja Turtles        ND Stunts                    Jonathan “Jojo” Eusebio,                                         Jared Burke

Money Monster            Stunt Cop                    Jery Hewitt

The Amazing Spider-Man 2    ND Stunts                    Andy and James Armstrong

Birdman            ND Stunt Pedestrian            Stephen Pope                                                                                     

John Carter         Helium Warrior/Stunts (LA Re-shoot)    Mark Ginther

Paranormal Activity 2    Stunt Dbl: Katie Featherston        Rob King & Dennis Scott

Staten Island Summer    ND Stunts                    Manny Siverio

Breaking Wind         Stunt Dbl: Heather Ann Davis        Mikal Kartvedt

Portal: No Escape        Stunt Dbl: Danielle Rayne        James Logan for Keith Adams

The Pendulum         Stunt Dbl: Carrie Genzel        Jimmy Hock

Return to Eden        Stunt Dbl                     Manny Siverio

Lyla Wolf            Stunt Dbl: Billy Rose            James Loga


STUNTS        Hit the ground. Hard. Safe.     Fighting/Rough Brawl    Wire Work

Running and Climbing Quickly     Rapelling             Ratchet

Traditional Martial Arts         Car hits             Basic Weapon handling

Fire and Firearms            High falls (to 30ft)    Air Ram

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________   SPECIAL SKILLS    Trained actor (NYU Tisch School of the Arts BFA, Lee Strasberg Institute                                                                     Acting: Hope Arthur, Adam Hill, Bill Balzac, Geoffery Horne – theatrical/commercial credits upon request)

  Skateboarding (ollies/skating)     CrossFit Competitor     Dance (tap, some jazz/ballet) Aikido

   Certified Lifeguard/Swimming     Olympic lifting    Rollerblading

   Certified personal trainer    Juggling (3 ball)     Guitar                Trained Singer

   BASIC tumbling and tramp        Drum set        Most brass instruments

   U.S. Passport            Motorcycle License     Trained Actor            Sprints